About Us

We all love shopping online and we all have used cashback portals for online shopping for that extra cashbacks/rewards offered by cashback websites. However the experience of using the cashback websites is not always as good it is promised. It is because a lot of cashback websites frequently fail to capture the purchases made my their customers and hence customers are not paid the cashback amounts they so really deserve or the cashback amount is delayed to an extent that it looses it’s importance. On top of that, customers are not allowed to withdraw the cashback amount before a minimum threshold amount is reached . This is absurd because the amount belongs to the customers and the customers should be able to withdraw whenever or where ever they want.

We are here to resolve these challenge and to make online shopping experience of our customers as joyful and as rewarding possible.

The team behind listmyoffers is well experienced when it comes to understanding affiliate marketing and e-commerce sector. We understand the nitty-gritty of the affiliate marketing industry in India. We also understand the importance of maintaining customer’s trust and confidence in us. That’s why we have been trying hard to present a trustworthy, simple-to-use and unique user interface to our customers. We have built strong network of technologies so that any sale initiated from www.listmyoffers.com never goes un-tracked, plus our strategic B2B partnerships with the biggest e-commerce companies have made sure that our customers always get their cashbacks/rewards on time every time.

Our main aim is to spread happiness among our shoppers and to make their shopping experience a rewarding one. So we have come up with an idea that our customers do not need to maintain a minimum amount before they can withdraw the cashback amount. You can withdraw anytime and everything you own in your account. Hope this feature will make our customers happy as you can withdraw as soon as you have Rs. 1 in your account. So be happy and spread the news !!

As far as our business is concerned we help e-comm companies increase its revenue, create brand awareness and expand its reach. Our network includes a wide range of merchants and strategic companies and our aim is to cross-promote each other in providing the best deals to the end-consumer. listmyoffers.com receives partnership requests everyday but we intent to partner with businesses that offer our customers just what they want from us i.e a lot of offers, rewards & cashbacks. In the end it’s all about helping our customers save on everything. So henceforth shop with confidence and be assured that you would earn every time you shop online.

Happy Shopping 🙂

listmyoffers.com Team